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Riddle me this.

What is able to wear high heels and shoes, and wear them without breaking them as they fracture cement and asphalt from the weight.
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Well, that isn't good. Three of Onni's stupid Duel bot cops went offline. In the last three days.
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Okay, I went out and did stuff.

I currently am dragging Kouji's mom home with rope and ducktape over her mouth.

And uh she had a Number. But I don't think it's why she's crazy.

Edit: I think I attract Numbers.
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So. Uh. Jinn.

I'm pregnant.
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So, the flatty chick Onni's with cut my left hand off.
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So, faggots, I picked this up in a dream where Onni went crazy:

[Picture of Chaos Xyz: Comics Dark Legend Arthur.]
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::You find yourself in a sunny candy land, with a much thinner Seiya strolling about. She seems to be looking for something.::
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Yo, ape, K says she's going to be hanging out for her Ex for a while, so he can work her over and fix her.

Whatever the shit that means.
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So, did you know the best way to make yourself exist, if you don't exist, is to suggest you're a foreigner with a Visa or some shit?
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Ugh, I hate these clothes, fricking Jinn...

OKAY, short midgety creeper things that work for the creepy girl, I need a place to dump a bunch of short chittering people out of a truck, where do I dump them.
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You know, I thought Onni was a stupid faggot.

I was right.

And he's a stupid crazy faggot to boot.
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Man, I never knew harassing a dumbass would be so much fun.
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::So, there's this thick-bodied woman in a shirt, jacket and jeans sitting roughly on the lawn in front of Sakana, chugging on a cheap beer. Next to her is a box labelled "Property of Jinn Naoma". In English. She seems honestly irked, angry, and bored to be here.::


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